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With Me When App

With Me When

Eating disorder recovery happens 24 hours a day. That’s why we created an app where you can find inspiration, education, and encouragement wherever you go. With Me When was designed by a team of eating disorder clinicians as a companion to treatment, with tools to help you stay on track throughout your recovery journey.

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Access the web version of With Me When here.

The With Me When app includes these features:

Food log

Feelings log

Behavior log

Skills toolkit

Goals setting

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Mindfulness exercises

Here’s a sneak peek of the app, so you know what to expect:

Food log
Behavior log
Breathing meditation

You can also complete your client paperwork quickly and easily through the app. 

With Me When is currently available to Emily Program clients in our adult programs. In future versions, With Me When will be available for wider use across client and provider communities.


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