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Staff Spotlight, Liz McCabe

Liz McCabe

Tell us about yourself, Liz!

Hello! I’m Liz McCabe, and I’m the new Chief Clinical Officer at The Emily Program. I have been at TEP since 2015 and started my TEP career as the Pittsburgh Site Director. I remember spending two very chilly February weeks in Minneapolis learning about TEP and thinking to myself, “yes, I have found my people” (i.e., people who understood eating disorders). And, almost 6 years later, I still think that. I’ve also concluded that there isn’t another eating disorders organization that has the expertise, passion, drive, and potential that we do. So, it is with no small measure of both humility and pride that I step into the Chief Clinical Officer role to guide our clinical path forward. 

In this role, I work with the sites, the support teams, and our executive team to bring effective clinical treatments to the many clients who entrust us with their care. A primary aspect of my work is to support the clinicians who deliver treatment by providing them with varied and ongoing opportunities for continued professional growth and development, whether it be in the form of specific training opportunities or by ensuring a structure exists in which clinicians regularly receive feedback and encouragement they need to be successful. Central to our ability to provide effective treatments is maintaining a work environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and teamwork and is experienced by all as a safe place to grow and learn. Make no mistake, the work we do is hard; it’s hard for clients and it’s also hard for us. To do our best work, we must be equipped with not only the technical knowledge and skills for treating eating disorders but also a belief that we must care for each other so that we can effectively care for our clients.  

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Staff Spotlight, Emma Gruhl

Emma Gruhl

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Emma, and I oversee the Admissions Team at The Emily Program. We are based out of the Atrium in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I have been with TEP for just about a year and a half now!

What do you like most about your job?

I would say my favorite part is two things. The first thing is the team I work with; they really are incredible. The second thing is being the first point of contact for all of our clients. It’s such an important and meaningful step these clients are making, and I’m so thankful to be a part of their journey.

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Staff Spotlight, Shauna Duffy

Shauna Duffy

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Shauna Duffy, LSW, Eating Disorder Technician (EDT) Manager at Cleveland Heights Residential. I’ve been with The Emily Program for 5 years.

What is a typical workday like?

There is no typical day at Cleveland Heights Residential, which is why I love it.  The unpredictable nature of what we do keeps all of us growing, stretching, and learning.

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Staff Spotlight, Krista Kubiak Crotty

Krista Kubiak Crotty

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Krista Kubiak Crotty, and I’m currently the Director of Brain-Based Therapies and a Clinical Education Specialist (my title is always changing!). I work remotely now but live in Spokane, Washington.

I have been with The Emily Program for just over seven years. Funny story: My first introduction to TEP was the day my youngest son was born. Just hours after he was born, the marketing person called me to see if I would meet with Jillian Lampert the following week when she was in town to discuss the potential of TEP-Spokane. We were in the midst of talking to family and friends when she called. I did actually go and meet Jillian a few weeks later. My son was about 2 weeks old when I first met Jillian and the TEP crew who were looking to expand to Spokane.

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Staff Spotlight, Michael Butchko

Michael Butchko

Tell us about yourself! 

I am a licensed psychologist, program coordinator for our eating disorder/substance use disorder (EDSUD) intensive program, and clinical manager for our amazing program coordinators and postdoctoral psychology fellows at our Como site in St. Paul, MN.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending quality time with my partner, our two-year-old son, and our dog Neumann (named after my favorite television show, Seinfeld!). Also, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second son at the end of June. Finally, we are devoted Minnesota sports fans (i.e., Wild, Vikings, Twins), enjoy traveling, and love to be outside and exploring Minnesota.

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Staff Spotlight, Jenna Daugherty

Jenna Daugherty

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Jenna Daugherty, and I’ve been working at The Emily Program since 2015. I started as a dietitian at the Cleveland residential site when it opened, then moved to the Cleveland outpatient site in 2016. My current role is as a program dietitian for our adult standard program. I also recently became a clinical manager and am enjoying working more closely with employees in addition to clients!

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