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KARE11 News Interview: Eating Disorder Facts and Advice

Misconceptions about eating disorders often keep people from getting the treatment they need. We’re thankful to the KARE 11 news team for asking our Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Jillian Lampert into their studio to educate viewers. During the interview, she offered tips for helping a friend or loved one who may be struggling with food issues. Approximately 180,000 Minnesotans have an eating disorder right now.

Lampert helped NBC viewers to understand that eating disorders are an illness. “They’re not a choice. They’re not a behavior problem. They’re not a phase. They’re not a lack of willpower. They’re an illness with biological and genetic roots that are influenced by culture. And they need treatment. Just like any other illness.”

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Follow-up to the Minnesota Starvation Experiment

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A new chapter in a landmark study

Researchers recently conducted a 57-year follow-up investigation of the Biology of Human Starvation study, commonly known as the ‘Minnesota Starvation Experiment’ or the ‘Keys Study.’ The original study, which took place following World War II, proved a remarkable model for the effects of semi-starvation, and has therefore been useful in better understanding restrictive types of eating disorders. To learn more about the original study and the follow-up investigation, we caught up with Dr. Susan Swigart, a co-author of the follow-up investigation and Emily Program psychiatrist.

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