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Please provide contact information below and we will connect with you within one business day. You also may call us directly at 1-888-364-5977. If this is an emergency, do not use this form. Call 911 or your nearest hospital.

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    Get Help for a Friend

    Three Ways To Help A Friend With An Eating Disorder

    Take our Eating Disorder Assessment Quiz

    Our Eating Disorder Assessment Quiz takes just a few minutes. It’s a simple tool that helps you to see whether or not you should be concerned. Take the quiz.

    Talk with your friend

    Your friend’s health is more important than keeping secrets or shying away from talking to their family. Share your concerns. Be prepared to provide examples of behaviors that alerted you to the problem. And offer the next step—tell your friend to call us at 1-888-364-5977 or show your friend our website to start the journey to healthy living.

    Learn more about eating disorders

    We invite family and friends to attend our support nights so you can learn how to play an important role in your friend’s recovery.

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    For Families

    When someone you care about struggles with food, the symptoms of the eating disorder touch everyone in the family. The perplexing behaviors can bring frustration, fear, and heartache. We know. Since 1993, The Emily Program has worked closely with families, friends, and other loved ones to help them cope with the consequences of eating disorders. Contact us at 1-888-364-5977 or fill out this form.

    When your child struggles with an eating disorder

    Our approach

    Parents and families take an active role in the recovery journey. At The Emily Program, we use the proven Maudsley Method, also known as Family-Based Treatment (FBT), in our personalized treatment programs for children, adolescents, and young adults with eating disorders. 

    Care that is right for your child

    We offer a full continuum of care, including outpatient, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization, and residential treatment, all of which provide daily therapeutic meals and snacks, therapy sessions, and time for schoolwork.

    You always have our support

    After you complete your intake appointment at The Emily Program, you’ll have access to the Office Manager at your programming site who will be your primary resource and support for all care needs and questions.

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    Resources for Families

    Virtual Support Groups

    The National Alliance for Eating Disorders offers free virtual support groups led by licensed eating disorder clinicians. Among them are weekly Pro-Recovery Support Groups for adults affected by an eating disorder and Friends & Family Support Groups for loved ones.

    • Pro-Recovery Support Groups:
      • Tuesdays, 4pm PT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET
      • Thursdays, 4pm PT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET
      • Saturdays, 8am PT, 10am CT, 11am ET
    • LGBTQ+ Pro-Recovery Support Group: Wednesdays, 4pm PT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET
    • Friends & Family Support Group: Thursdays, 4pm PT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET

    Learn more and register on The Alliance’s website.

    Recovery Nights

    Hear speakers share their personal stories of dedication and perseverance on the road to recovery from eating disorders. Speakers include Emily Program staff, former clients, and community members. These community-based discussions around recovery are led by Emily Program clinicians.

    Recovery Night is free and open to the public; anyone is invited to attend, including clients, support people, and the community. We know healing is not an easy journey but you can find hope here. Find the Recovery Night schedule below.



    St. Paul (6:30pm CT):

    2265 Como Ave.
    St. Paul, MN 55108

    Upcoming dates: None currently scheduled

    St. Paul Adolescent & Young Adult – Toogood (6pm CT):

    2230 Como Ave.
    St. Paul, MN 55108

    Upcoming dates: None currently scheduled



    Seattle (6–7:30pm PT):

    1700 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 700
    Seattle, WA 98109  

    Please note that on nights a Recovery Night speaker cannot be secured, an Emily Program Expert Series Q&A will be hosted.

    Upcoming dates:

    January 24th: Join us via Zoom

    April 19th: Join us via Zoom

    Share your recovery story

    Your experience on the path to recovery can inspire others and affirm that there is hope. If you are willing to share your recovery story in a genuine and honest way, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

    Seattle, WA

    Kristen Myers
    1-888-364-5977 ext. 1806

    ED 101: Understanding Eating Disorders, Treatment, and Recovery

    We know how overwhelming an eating disorder diagnosis can be for families and friends. The terminology. The process. The uncertainties. Share an evening with us to learn about eating disorders, our personalized treatment programs, and the path to recovery. Our knowledgeable staff at The Emily Program answer common concerns of families and friends facing eating disorder issues for the first time. You’ll leave with valuable resources and a better understanding of this serious mental health issue. We recommend family and friends who are new to eating disorders attend this session at least once before joining a Friends and Family Session for a better experience in the group.

    Virtual Event: Eating Disorders 101, Hosted by Hannah Kirby MS, RD, CD, Dietitian at our Seattle outpatient location: 2nd Thursday of the month, 6–7pm PT.

    Upcoming dates: Dec. 8th. Join us via Zoom

    Friends and Family Sessions

    The Emily Program offers free evening Friends and Family Sessions open to the public. No need to register; just drop in. (Please note: This group is intended for family and friends providing support to loved ones with an eating disorder. If you are a client or potential client, please attend our ED 101 or Recovery Night events if you would like to learn more.)

    Virtual Event: Friends and Family Session, Hosted by Melissa Harmon, MA, LMHC, Clinical Manager at our Seattle outpatient location: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, 6–7pm PT.

    Upcoming dates: Dec. 1st. Join us via Zoom

    And: Nov. 17th, Dec. 15th. Join us via Zoom

    "Ask an Expert" Live

    Join us on social media for “Ask an Expert” live. Dr. Jillian Lampert answers common questions about eating disorders, treatment, and recovery from our social media followers.

    Ask an Expert Instagram live: Monday, November 21st, 1:00pm PT, 3:00pm CT, 4:00pm ET

    Ask an Expert Facebook live: Friday, January 13th, 11:00am PT, 1:00pm CT, 2:00pm ET. 

    Ask an Expert Instagram live: Friday, March 24th, 10:00am PT, 12:00pm CT, 1:00pm ET. 

    Share Your Story

    There’s Help. There’s Hope! The Emily Program is a warm and welcoming place where individuals and their families can find comprehensive treatment for eating disorders and related issues. We want to hear your story. Email us (blog@emilyprogram.com) and ask how you can become a contributor to our blog or podcast.

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    Episode 45: An Eating Disorder’s Impact on Siblings with Jaeden Luke & Kianna Garmanian

    Jaeden Luke & Kianna Garmanian

    Episode description:

    Jaeden Luke is a singer-songwriter who wrote the single “Beautiful” for his older sister Kianna, who experienced and fully recovered from an eating disorder. Kianna is a graduate of St. Martin’s University, a young adult group ministry leader, and the author of a forthcoming book about her healing journey, The Cross That Set Me Free.

    Jaeden and Kianna join us in this Peace Meal episode to explore the sibling experience of eating disorders. The brother and sister pair recall how Kianna’s eating disorder impacted their relationship as well as how their relationship—and “Beautiful”—helped her heal.

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    5 Languages of Eating Disorder Support

    A back view of two people hugging

    The support of family and friends is key to the process of eating disorder recovery. It is an antidote to the isolation and secrecy of the illness, as well as a powerful, necessary reminder to our loved ones that they aren’t alone in their pain and struggle. 

    But it can be hard to know just how to support someone affected by eating disorders. These are complicated, confusing conditions that aren’t “fixed” with simple logic. “Just eat,” “just eat less,” or “just stop doing that” are unhelpful suggestions, as are guilt trips and ultimatums.

    What else is there to say or do? Considering your loved one’s love language is a place to start.

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    Holiday Conversation Topics That Aren’t Food, Diets, or Weight

    A family sitting around a holiday meal

    Navigating holiday conversations can be challenging in even the best of years. In a year of a pandemic that has dominated our lives and interactions with others, it may feel even more so.

    What is there to talk about with family, friends, and acquaintances this year? How can we meaningfully engage in yet another video call, or make new conversation among our small, in-house pods?

    When the goal is connection—and it often is, especially for those struggling with the isolation of an eating disorder—the topics of conversation ought to be thoughtful and appropriate.

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