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July 2014
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The Emily Program did not give me my life back. It has given me the life that I deserve, and I've never had until now.  

- An Emily Program Client

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When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

-Author Unknown 

Recovery Night 

July 8, 2014 


Cami Applequist & Faith will speak about their own recovery journey.

Cami Applequist started her recovery from binge eating and overall destructive, dysfunctional relationship with food and her body in 2002 with inpatient treatment. She has continued with care at The Emily Program and is finally living her dream life as an artist and writer who no longer struggles with body shame and food issues. 

Faith: After 25+ years in corporate health care and five years running a successful coffee roasting business with her husband, Faith has reinvented herself in retirement. She volunteers as a storyteller at Children's Hospital on the floors and with the Eating Disorders Program. Her mid-life experience with an eating disorder lasted nearly ten years. She credits her therapist for her healing.

Date: July 8

Time: 6:30-8 PM 
2265 Como Ave, lower level, St. Paul, MN 55108

Recovery Night is a night of inspiration and hope, and occurs the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This is a free event that is open to the community. 
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Connections: A Client's Story 

By Michelle, an Emily Program client




"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship." Brene Brown


Connections are at the core of my recovery right now. The quote by Brene Brown sums it up perfectly. 

My work friends used to call me the person who "didn't need Binge Eating Disorder nobody for nothing." We'd all laugh, but like many good jokes it was funny because it was true. I worked full time, went to college full time and raised my daughter with little family support and no close friends. It was the way things were and it was just the way I was wired. I've always said - I just did what I had to do because it needed to be done. For me - it meant doing things alone. 

I grew up learning that people could not be trusted or relied on for practical things much less for emotional support or closeness. Connections with people could not be trusted and simply caused pain. It was safer, easier, calmer and much more predictable to stay by myself, take care of myself, entertain myself and not need anything from anyone. So that became the way I lived my life. I learned to not need - and try and ignore emotions related to needing. I convinced myself I didn't need close relationships. I didn't need help. I was independent and tough. 

Of course, there are maybe one or two flaws in this otherwise rock-solid logic. First - everyone needs help. Second - humans need closeness and caring - even me. So, I ate to ignore and numb these underlying truths and the emotions I didn't want to acknowledge. 

Time passed and I gained weight, became more depressed, stayed busy and was still sure I didn't need anyone for anything. I lived behind a very tall, very thick wall with razor wire looped around the top of it - and I thought it was perfectly normal! Until about 4 years ago when I hit another "bottom" with my eating disorder and depression. The part of myself that had been living behind the wall had finally gotten sick of it and this was her way of telling me "enough is enough" - it is time for a change!

I came back to my counselor here at The Emily Program - but it didn't seem to help. I needed more help so off to Intensive Outpatient Program I went. That helped, but I was still struggling. I eventually ended up sharing things with my counselor from my childhood I'd never talked about before and my relationship with her started to feel different - we started to talk about connections and how I've always held myself apart from others in one way or another.      

It turns out that is the key - connections. I look back now and can see how automatic it has been for me to hold people at a distance. In fact, I have been afraid to even connect with parts of myself associated with painful experiences from my past, painful experiences associated with my body image.

Making real connections is about allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable. To share your feelings and thoughts and be authentically yourself. I have to be honest - this scares the poo-poo out of me! I guess that's why disconnection has been so appealing all of these years.  

So much of what my eating disorder and depression does is keep me disconnected from other people and myself. It keeps me disconnected from my emotions, from my body, from sensations of hunger and fullness.  It disconnects me from my truth, my history, my stories, my ability to recognize, accept and express my needs.  

It disconnects me from myself. It disconnects me from you.

The Emily Program provides a place where we come together for the purpose of CONNECTION. So, I think we should get to it!  Say hello in the lobby or the parking lot - take a risk and talk about something difficult in group or with your counselor - check in with a friend - take a deep breath and notice how your body feels - tell someone how you feel - come to the craft group on Saturday 7/14 - take a few minutes to be mindful while you are eating - do something for self-care - other ideas?????

Take care of yourself.



Watch our blog for more reflections from Michelle.

Join us July 15 at Our Cleveland Open House and CEU Event 

Please join us as we celebrate the partnership between The Emily Program and Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders on July 15 beginning at 5 p.m. Dirk Miller, CEO of The Emily Program, CCED's Mark Warren, newly appointed chief medical officer of The Emily Program, and CCED's Lucene Wisniewski, newly appointed chief clinical officer of The Emily Program, and other senior leadership of The Emily Program will be there. We would love to meet you and tell you about our future plans in Cleveland, including a new residential facility opening in early 2015.


Following the open house, Dr. Jillian Lampert, chief development officer of The Emily Program and nationally renowned eating disorder expert, will present on The Overlap Between Compulsive Overeating, Binge Eating and Obesity.

Presentation participants will walk away with the ability to identify and learn:

  • three indicators that obesity may be linked to an eating disorder;
  • the differences between obesity, Compulsive Overeating and Binge Eating Disorder for diagnostic purposes;
  • at least two Mindful Eating therapeutic techniques to use in practice.

Everyone is welcome to join us from 5-6 PM for the open house. If you'd like to stay for the CEU event, please RSVP. Seating is limited.


Click here to learn more about this event and RSVP for the CEU presentation.

CCED approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists and by the Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage Family Therapist Board to sponsor continuing education for professional counselors, social workers and marriage and family therapists. CCED maintains responsibility for this program and its content. CCED is offering one and a half (1.5) hours of continuing education credits/units.

The Emily Program Bags and Jackets Available Through July 10


Have you ordered your bag or jacket yet? The Emily Program store closes July 10.   


Just a reminder that the online store is open through July 10.

We are currently selling our canvas Make Peace with Food bag and fleece jackets.


Click here to shop the online store.


Please note: Payment and orders will be processed after the store closes July 10th. You should receive your order by late July.


Question of the Month

Each month we ask a question that relates to eating disorders, body image, or recovery. Responses may be used in a future blog post.


Have you ever attended a Recovery Night or Family & Friends Support Group? If yes, tell us about your experience. If not, is there a reason why?


Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us your response. Responses used in blog posts will remain anonymous unless you indicate otherwise.


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