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Our Nutritional Services Support Real Recovery

At The Emily Program, registered dietitians are essential to our care teams. These experts tailor our nutritional evaluation, counseling, education, and meal-planning services to develop and promote your child’s mindful, nourishing eating patterns. You learn about healthy meals and snacks for your family, too. With nutritional awareness, food becomes just food again. To begin the journey to recovery, schedule an eating disorder assessment or call us at 1-888-364-5977 today.

Nutritional Services For Eating Disorder Recovery

Dietitians at The Emily Program co-facilitate each one of our intensive programs and work closely with therapists and medical staff. Your child’s care team includes a dietitian as well as other health professionals who specialize in eating disorders.

Nutritional evaluation

At your child’s first meeting, a dietitian completes a thorough assessment of his or her eating patterns and history, food and weight-related concerns, weight history, and particular dietary needs. You’ll work with your child and the dietitian to establish an approach to eating that fits your child’s recovery needs. And you’ll have a plan to make it happen.

Nutrition counseling

Ongoing counseling with a dietitian helps your child eat regular, nourishing meals and snacks as you progress on your recovery journey. Together with your dietitian, you and your child will develop strategies to overcome barriers along the way. You’ll help your child build coping skills and make peace with food.

Nutrition education

Our dietitians provide valuable nutrition education in one-on-one sessions, group sessions, intensive program meals and groups, and family education. We provide you with accurate nutrition information and help your child practice mindful eating skills.

Start The Journey To Recovery Now

Children, teens, and young adults who struggle with food need specialized professional help to recover from their eating disorders and related complications. Please don’t wait. Use our online form to schedule an eating disorder assessment or call 1-888-364-5977. At The Emily Program, find help. And hope.

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