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What to expect at The Emily Program

When you begin the admissions process, you can expect to speak with a compassionate staff member who truly understands the complexities of eating disorders. We honor your trust in us and we keep everything that you share with us confidential.

Take the first steps toward your recovery

Step 1: Speak with an admissions specialist

If you’ve completed an online request to start the process of scheduling an eating disorder assessment, then we’ll be contacting you soon. Otherwise, please call us at 1-888-364-5977 to speak with an admissions specialist. Your admissions specialist will talk with you about what you (or your child) are experiencing, collect some information (name, contact info, insurance information), answer questions, and schedule a phone intake.

Step 2: Complete a phone intake and make a plan

Next, your Phone Intake Therapist/Nurse will call to complete your phone intake at the scheduled time. Following the phone intake, your Clinical Admissions Specialist will make a level of care recommendation, help set up any necessary medical assessments, and schedule a program start date. 

Step 3: Start programming

On your first day, you will receive an expanded intake assessment, participate in orientation, and then begin treatment.

Note: Please see our COVID-19 policies for information on what to expect.

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