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Virtual support to keep you on the path to recovery

We understand the importance of wellness and connection during this extraordinary situation. We are committed to continuing to offer all levels of eating disorder treatment at a time when our clients need support more than ever.

To that end, The Emily Program now offers virtual eating disorder treatment* for outpatient sessions, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs (PHP)/intensive day programs (IDP). Our multidisciplinary care team will continue to provide compassionate, evidence-based care for eating disorders in a secure virtual environment. Through telehealth, our clients can stay connected with their care providers and continue to pursue recovery through individual and group treatment.

*Note: Telehealth is currently offered in Minnesota, Washington, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Telehealth across state lines has limitations. We are advocating to be able to deliver telehealth throughout the U.S., but it will take time. 

Here are information sheets on each of our telehealth intensive program offerings:

Telehealth PHP/IDP brochure (adults)
Telehealth PHP/IDP brochure (adolescents)
Telehealth IOP brochure (adults)
Telehealth IOP brochure (adolescents)

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What is telehealth?

Telehealth uses technology to deliver care to clients virtually. It allows you to connect to your treatment team by video in order to receive the structured support you would typically receive in person.

Like traditional intensive programming (IDP/PHP and IOP), telehealth programming at The Emily Program includes individual, group, and family therapy; therapeutic meal support; nutritional counseling; psychiatry sessions; and medical appointments, as appropriate. Your treatment plan will be personalized to fit your specific needs.

Prior to receiving telehealth at The Emily Program, you will attend an orientation that introduces your programming schedule and curriculum. Orientation staff will ensure you have access to the appropriate food and nutritional supplements, technology, and other resources you will need to participate in telehealth services.

Medical and safety needs will be assessed regularly to ensure you are receiving the level of care appropriate for you.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Read through these documents on how to get ready for treatment prior to your first appointment.

Preparing for your telehealth services
How to access and use secure video

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

Please let us know if you have any technology concerns (e.g., internet access) that would make it difficult for you to participate from home. We will provide internet for you on-site at The Emily Program so that you can participate in telehealth services. 

How will residential treatment work?

Residential treatment will continue in person. We have implemented strict safety measures and protocols based on guidelines from the CDC, WHO and local health department recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.

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