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December 22, 2015

Yoga: Guided Meditation: Breathing Techniques

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Hi Everyone,

Today is our first audio-only guided meditation. If it's available to you, create a calm and quiet space to practice this 7 minute breathing technique.

If that isn't possible- don't worry about it- you can do this at your desk or really anywhere! As you are able, use your sense of listening to help you draw inward toward the opportunity for more stillness, calm, and reflection. For me, a guided audio series allows me to pay full attention to the practice at hand and let go of racing thoughts or outside distractions. With that said, it's not always easy, so remember, it is a practice. You may find positive effects right away, with time, or maybe it's not for you. That's OK. Honor yourself and where you are at in your journey, letting go of where you think you "should be." No "should" in yoga.

Visual Guide for 3 breathing techniques:

Circle Breathing

visual guide of Circle Breathing

Triangle Breathing

visual guide for Triangle Breathing

Square Breathing

visual guide for Square Breathing Technique

Remember that yoga is about reflection and connection. NOT perfection. Invite your breath to calm your mind in any form and let the balance begin!

In Gratitude,


visual guide images provided by Tree Spirit Yoga and Wellness

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