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June 11, 2015

Yoga: 17-Minute Chair Yoga Practice

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Hi Everyone!

Today's yoga practice builds on our last post of printable Chair Yoga postures.

In today's video, you will be guided through a 17-minute chair yoga practice designed to help you receive benefits of building balance, strength, and calm with the support of the chair.

You may choose to practice chair yoga:

  1. If you work at a desk or from a chair and feel that adding yoga into your day could help you feel more alert, energized, less stressed, and more focused
  2. If you are looking to introduce movement back into your lifestyle in a supportive way
  3. To build balance
  4. To decrease stress

Yoga is all about fitting the pose to the student and NOT the student to the pose. Chair yoga can do just that. It can allow you to experience the benefits of yoga in a way that makes sense for your body in the given moment.

Remember, these poses are invitations and suggestions. Modify to fit your needs, always honor your body, your practice, and your journey.

Thank you for sharing your practice with me.



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