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December 22, 2014

Tips for Holiday Meals: Social Support for Meals

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During the holiday season it’s important to seek out the support you need to help you before, during and after meals. Below are some suggestions from our dietitians about how to get the support you desire.

Social Support for Meals:

  • Talk to family and friends about what is helpful and what isn’t. (click here to check out our recent post about the dos and don’ts of meals)
  • Choose someone to call if you are struggling with eating disorder behaviors, negative thoughts, or difficult emotions. Call them ahead of time and let them know of your concerns, needs, and the possibility of them receiving a call from you.
  • Consider choosing one loved one to be your “reality check” with food, to either remind you of food portions or check in with about your meal plan.
  • Stay active with your therapy appointments or groups around this time of year.
  • Discuss your anticipations of the holidays with your treatment team and supportive others so that they can help you predict, prepare for, and get through any uncomfortable family interactions without self-destructive coping attempts.
  • Talk with loved ones about important issues:  decisions, victories, challenges, fears, concerns, dreams, special moments, spirituality, relationships, and your feelings about them. Allow important themes to be present and allow yourself to have fun (rather than rigidly focusing on food or body thoughts).

Remember that the holidays can be trying (whether your struggling with an eating disorder or not), so be sure to ask your loved ones and treatment team for whatever it is that will help you move through the holidays with joy, health, and the support you desire.

Tune in Wednesday for our final post of the holiday tips series. We’ll offer some ideas for seasonal, non-food related activities as well as thoughts to keep in mind now and beyond the holidays.

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