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Why Can't I Just Eat?

May 24, 2018. Written by Mark Warren, M.D.
  • By Dr. Mark Warren

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    Anyone with an eating disorder has been asked at some point or another "Why don't you just eat?" Most likely if you have an eating disorder you have asked yourself the same question. You might wonder "Why is eating so hard for me when it seems to be so easy for everyone else?"

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Why Macros Matter

February 28, 2018. Written by Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RDN, CD
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    As I mentioned in the post called Why does nutrition advice always seem to change?, there always seems to be some nutrition craze that tempts us to change what we eat or how we eat it. It is important to understand the science behind these trends so we know whether they’re worth our attention, or if they are more likely to result in an unnecessary, or even unhealthy, preoccupation with food.

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Why Does Nutrition Advice Always Seem to Change?

January 25, 2018. Written by Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RDN, CD
  • Woman reading magazine

    It seems like every day there is a headline about some nutrition “news.” One day it’s “eggs are good for you,” and the next it’s “limit the number of eggs you eat.” We’re all looking for the best, most reliable information, but it can be difficult to decide which stories are worth our time and attention. So why does it seem like we’re constantly bombarded with incomplete or misleading nutrition information?

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Mindful Eating: Defining, Demystifying and Determining Practical Applications, Part 3

September 08, 2016. Written by Lisa Diers, R.D., L.D., E-R.Y.T.
  • apples

    This is Part 3 of our three-part Mindful Eating series. If you missed the first two, read Part 1 and Part 2 now!

    Hi Everyone,

    We have come to the third portion of our Mindful Eating Series: Determining Practical Applications. So far, we have practiced Defining mindful eating and aspects of the practice as well as Demystifying.

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Mindful Eating: Defining, Demystifying and Determining Practical Applications, Part 2

June 24, 2016. Written by Lisa Diers, R.D., L.D., E-R.Y.T.
  • dinner table 663435 1280

    The last time we “met” we explored the definitions of mindfulness and mindful eating. You may have even noticed an increase in your level of awareness during the selection, preparation and consumption of your meals. How was it to notice your breath, possibly inviting in a deeper one? Was bringing awareness to your feet touching the ground accessible to you? What happened?

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Mindful Eating: Defining, Demystifying and Determining Practical Applications, Part 1

May 12, 2016. Written by Lisa Diers, R.D., L.D., E-R.Y.T.
  • blueberries cropped

    Mindful Eating is a phrase often used in our country and, over the years, it has been a practice closely associated with weight control, among other things. But what is mindful eating anyway? What are the benefits? What are the challenges? Is there a time and a place for mindful eating in eating disorder treatment? If so, how and when? How can it be incorporated into life practically? Together, over this three-part series, we’ll explore these questions more closely.

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New Year, New You? How about New Year and New View!

January 12, 2016. Written by Lisa Diers, R.D., L.D., E-R.Y.T.
  • photo of Boundary Waters water way 685x375

    So it's that time of year. The time when the marketing campaigns begin, telling us "this is the year" to make a change, lose weight, get fit, get healthy, change ourselves and turn over a new leaf. Hey, I am a big believer in change -- it truly is the only constant -- and some change and internal focus is needed to grow and expand as a human being. It can be positive, healthy and needed. It can be helpful to step back and reflect on how things went during the previous year, what you want for next year and sketch out a plan of action on how to reach those goals.

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Eating with Our Clients: The Therapeutic Meal

June 25, 2015.
  • ServingSizes685x388

    By Lisa Diers, Director of Nutrition, The Emily Program

    At The Emily Program, our registered dietitian nutritionists work with clients to help them heal their relationships to food and physical selves. Incorporating the proper mix of nourishment into their daily lives helps their bodies and minds begin to recover and function the way they are naturally meant to.

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Common Serving Size Questions

May 19, 2015.
  • photo of foods and Serving Sizes

    Hi Everyone,

    Today we are taking a look at some commonly questioned foods when it comes to servings. As always, your body has needs unique to you. Nourishing yourself in a way that meets those unique needs is what's most important.

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What to Expect When You See a Dietitian at The Emily Program

April 09, 2015.
  • By Lisa Diers, RD, LD, E-RYT, Director of Nutrition Services

    Today I want to talk about the role of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and what to expect in your first session with a RDN at The Emily Program.

    At The Emily Program, part of your treatment will likely included meeting with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. And you may be wondering -- what role does the RD play in recovery?

    Well, let's talk about it!

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Confronting Fear Food in Recovery

April 02, 2015.
  • This is one person's story; everyone will have unique experiences on their own path to recovery and beyond. Some stories may mention eating disorder thoughts, behaviors or symptom use. Please use your own discretion. And speak with your therapist when needed.

    By Clare Harmon, a former Emily Program client and woman in recovery

    When people ask me about my recovery, I always say that it is, above all else, a practice. It's the application of skills I learned in treatment, it's daily reflection, it's forgiveness, and it's grace. Of course, everyone's journey to, in, and through recovery is unique; I'm honored to be given the opportunity to articulate a bit of my own.

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