Staff Spotlight, Shauna Duffy

Shauna Duffy

TEP: Tell us about yourself!

Shauna: I’m Shauna Duffy, LSW, Eating Disorder Technician (EDT) Manager at Cleveland Heights Residential. I’ve been with The Emily Program for 5 years.

TEP: What is a typical workday like?

Shauna: There is no typical day at Cleveland Heights Residential, which is why I love it.  The unpredictable nature of what we do keeps all of us growing, stretching, and learning.

TEP: What is the strangest job you’ve ever had?

Shauna: I have had many weird jobs—from being a fishing instructor to recycling crayons—and I am so happy that my path led to this one.

TEP: What do you like most about your job?

Shauna: The team here is what makes it so amazing.  I am surrounded by kind, compassionate, and supportive human beings that give so much to me and our clients.

TEP: What are you doing when not at work?

Shauna: When I am not at work, I am hanging out with my 11-year-old daughter, my plants, and my cats, sometimes making art.

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