Recovery App Released for iPhone and Android

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Jenna Tregarthen is an Australian that is just like one of millions worldwide that has a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. So, as a part of her PhD research, Jenna developed an app that helps individuals in both eating disorder treatment and recovery track their progress on their smartphones.

Recovery Record was released in partnership with Stanford University’s Eating Disorder Clinic and allows users to log-in 24-hours a day, “check-in,” and keep a “mood, food, and thought” diary on their personal phones. By checking-in users answer questions about their general mood, the prevalence of urges, and their progress on meal plans. The app also allows users to set goals and work toward them via their daily log. By doing so, users can earn rewards – some of which come from Recovery Records donor partners like iTunes, who offers a free song download as a part of the reward program.

To broaden the support network available to Recovery Record users, the app is linked to an online forum that allows users to anonymously interface with one another and encourage each other’s progress. To maintain privacy, each user is given a pseudonym that changes every few days and provides users with a safe space for support and recovery.

Providers can be a part of the Recovery Record community too. By electing to link-in with their clients, clinicians can help track trends and potential triggers in order to help clients succeed with their meal plans and find strength in recovery. Linking with individuals’ providers as a part of the Recovery Record forum is entirely optional, but offers another avenue of support for clients and their team.

Recovery Record is free and is now available for both Android and iPhone users.

To read the Australian news article that informed this post, click here.

To download the app, or for video demos and more information, visit Recovery Record’s website at


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