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There’s Help. There’s Hope! The Emily Program is a warm and welcoming place where individuals and their families can find comprehensive treatment for eating disorders and related issues. This blog is a place for us to share the latest happenings at The Emily Program, as well as helpful tidbits from the broader eating disorder community. Subscribe via RSS to receive automatic updates.

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Staff Spotlight: Ashley Bradbury, HR Recruiter

June 29, 2018.
  • Staff Spotlight Bradbury

    Ashley Bradbury joined The Emily Program in 2014 as an Office Manager and has since accepted a position as a Human Resources Recruiter. She is a mom of 5 kids, one dog, two goats, many chickens, ducks and a gecko!

    TEP: Tell us about yourself.

    Ashley: My name is Ashley. I am a Human Resources Recruiter, which I love! I have been at The Emily Program for four years, starting back in 2014. Most of my time at The Emily Program, until recently, has been spent at our Como site in operations as an Office Manager. Outside of work, I am mostly known as a wife, mom of 5 kids, cook, taxi driver and animal herder!

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Trans Issues, Body Image, and Identity

June 28, 2018.
  •  abstract art artistic 673648

    In a post earlier this month, we discussed the prevalence of body image issues and eating disorders in tne trangender community. Today we're wrapping up our PRIDE month series with an interview that puts a human face to the issue of body image and identity in the trans community.

    TEP: Tell us about yourself!

    Sam: My name is Sam Dylan Finch! My pronouns are he/him. I’m a blogger, editor, and media strategist. And a whole bunch of other things — like a drag queen! — but that’s the gist.

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Bariatric Surgery and Binge Eating Disorder

June 27, 2018. Written by Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RDN, CD
  • Doctor and patient

    What is bariatic surgery?

    The purpose of bariatric surgery is to alter the stomach and/or intestines to create a dramatic decrease in body weight. The resulting rapid reduction in body weight has made it a popular option for treating obesity, but in addition, it frequently addresses a host of medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, hypertension, gall stones, gastroesophageal reflux disease, obstructive sleep apnea and degenerative joint disease. Weight loss surgeries can be life changing—and lifesaving—to many individuals who undergo them.

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Ten Ways to Reduce Anxiety

June 26, 2018.
  • Rocks on the beach 

    We live in a society that’s always on the go, and this constant activity can often lead to stress and anxiety. When anxiety creeps up, we may feel overwhelmed, stuck or out of control. We may get distracted, hyperfocus or avoid responsibilities. While severe anxiety should be addressed with a therapist or medical doctor, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

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What To Expect When You Call The Emily Program

June 22, 2018.
  • on the phone

    Making that first call is tough. But we’re here for you, and we’re ready to help. The Emily Program’s admissions line is open when you’re ready to reach out--seven days a week, including Saturday and Sunday from 9AM-5PM. We interviewed one of our Admissions Specialists, Danielle Berg, to answer some questions about the admissions call so you know what to expect.

    TEP: Why do people call the admissions line?

    Danielle: People call the admissions line when they want to learn more about The Emily Program! Specifically, Admissions Specialists typically talk with callers who are requesting to start services, or callers who are returning clients looking to reinstate services. Our primary function is to help the caller begin their care journey here at The Emily Program.

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