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September 30, 2014

“Ask Emily” Telling Family About Your Eating Disorder

Young adult clients typically are very fearful of including their family into their recovery. Many times it is perceived fear and shame that holds them back. In this “Ask Emily,” Dr. Jillian Lampert addresses this concern. Watch the video to hear her suggestions.

Including loved ones, specifically family – no matter who “family” is to you – has proven benefits*. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Increases generalization of treatment from the clinic to home
  2. Enables clients to ask for support and help
  3. Increase connection, assertive communication, setting boundaries
  4. Helps the client replace comfort/support from the eating disorder to a family relationship
  5. Helps break through shame and isolation
  6. Increases bonds and attachment

Letting loved ones know about your struggles with an eating disorder can be scary. And it’s more common than not that these are people who are willing participants and can help support you through this journey. So, talk to the people in your life that you trust and ask for support when you need it. Your loved ones and treatment team are there to help.

*Although it is uncommon for us to not encourage inclusion of family and/or friends, we do understand that there are some circumstances that would prohibit people from being of support due to their own personal situations.

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