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Blog Archives: April 2016

I Love My Body. Seriously.

April 28, 2016.
  • Love myself

    by Maia Polson

    To those of us with eating disorders, the concept of loving our bodies is completely foreign. We all engage in some form of over and under-eating, abusive self-talk, and a denial of our body's real needs. These behaviors seem so habitual that it's hard to imagine doing it any other way, let alone practicing love. I personally assumed that recovery could get my body healthy, but would still feel miserable about it. I knew the crazy body-love that all these recovered people talked about wasn't for me.

    Yet here I am today, able to say that I honestly love my body. I love it every day, all the time. Allow me to explain...

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A Day on the Hill

April 21, 2016. Written by Jillian Lampert, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., L.D., F.A.E.D.
  • Capitol Hill. The Senate. The House. All of these institutions seem imposing.

    How can one person have any impact on the complex processes of our government? The amazing thing is, it is possible. As Americans, each and every one of us can impact our legislative process by using our voices. Speaking our truths, telling our stories, and sharing our own experiences can make a difference that can impact millions.

    I did just this on Monday this week at EDC Lobby Day, talking to our policy makers about the Anna Westin Act. I went to Lobby Day because I know that passing a bill called the Anna Westin Act (AWA) will save lives. How does a bill about eating disorders save lives? The AWA opens up grant funding for training for health and school professionals and the public. With this training, more people will recognize the early signs of eating disorders, which can save lives. The public will understand more about eating disorders, which can reduce stigma and encourage those struggling to get help sooner.

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A Mother's Journey From Grief to Action, Part 1

April 12, 2016.
  • wisconsin port washington distant sunrise

    by Kitty Westin

    A reluctant advocate

    I never wanted to be an advocate. I did not train or study or seek out "master" advocates to mentor me. I did not go to school or attend workshops or listen to webinars about becoming an advocate. I had no intention of starting a movement, being drafted into an army of eating disorder activists or becoming the thorn in the side of insurance companies. However, on February 17, 2000, the day my beloved daughter Anna Westin died of an eating disorder, I was launched into a life that I could not have imagined. The day Anna died of anorexia was the day that my life changed forever and the day I found my purpose.

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This Month's Yoga Focus: Downward-Facing Dog

April 08, 2016. Written by Lisa Diers, R.D., L.D., E-R.Y.T.
  • Yoga Blog Image

    Today’s yoga blog focuses on variations of a common pose taught in yoga: Downward-Facing Dog. Downward Dog is one of those poses many feel a love/hate relationship toward. I know the first time I did a Downward-Facing Dog and I heard the yoga instructor say “this is a resting pose” I almost laughed out loud!

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Recovery Nights at The Emily Program

April 06, 2016.
  • Recovery Blog Image

    At The Emily Program we know recovery is possible, often from personal experience. We enjoy hearing former clients, community members, and even our peers talk about their journey to recovery from an eating disorder. Gathering together as a community provides another level of support. It provides a forum that is safe, inspiring, and powerful.

    This month we will hold Recovery Night in St. Paul, MN and Seattle, WA. You can check our website for all dates and locations of future Recovery Nights.

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