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November 11, 2013

Affect Change Starts Today!

Affect Change Campaign – Give your electronics to give back

Ever wanted to give back, but are unable to write a check? During our Affect Change campaign you can. Between November 11-December 31 you can contribute to the amazing eating disorder advocacy and education work of The Emily Program Foundation without opening your checkbook. “How?” you may ask … most of us have unused, old technology in our homes. You can upcycle (donate) your old computers, tablets, cell phones, etc. cleaning out your home and keeping them out of landfills while also contributing funds to The Emily Program Foundation (100% tax deductible).

Through Affect Change, your unused electronics are recycled for a good cause. Not only does recycling reduce the clutter in your home, it reduces the carbon footprint on the environment, gives electronics a chance at a second life, and provides funds for a worthwhile, important cause – eating disorder awareness and advocacy.

Want to help The Emily Program Foundation? Go through your home and gather all your unused electronics. Visit THIS page and print a free FedEx shipping label. Send the package.* It's that simple.

Affect Change today! This multi-faceted program helps you give back to an important cause, helps you clear unused electronics from your home, gives these electronics a chance at a second life, and keeps electronics out of landfills, reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Now is your chance to Affect Change. Change your unused electronics into funds for a good cause. Visit the Upcycle web page for more information and instructions about how to get started.

Pass this message on to your friends and family – the more electronics submitted, the more money we can raise for The Emily Program Foundation.

*Contributor information will be provided to The Emily Program Foundation.

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