Cindy Skocik

Cindy Skocik

Senior Regional Director, Southeast

Cindy Skocik is the Senior Regional Director, Southeast at Accanto Health, the parent company of the newly merged Veritas Collaborative and The Emily Program. Cindy has more than twenty years of experience building financial and accounting functions that support the growth of organizations. She began her career working at Price Waterhouse (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) in Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, DC, and was licensed as a CPA in the state of Pennsylvania. She has since then served in various financial management positions for private and publicly-owned companies.

Cindy moved to North Carolina in the 1990s where she has primarily worked with entrepreneurial companies, including Southern Assisted Living, Inc., a provider of assisted living housing and services for the elderly. With her work at Veritas Collaborative, she is honored to be part of an organization that helps young people and their families.

Cindy graduated summa cum laude from West Virginia University with a BS degree in Accounting.

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