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Eating Disorder Self-Assessment Quiz For You

Eating disorders affect people of any age and gender. How can you tell if you have a problem with food or eating? Use this self-assessment tool as a guide.

Answer these 6 questions honestly:

1. Do you feel like you sometimes lose or have lost control over how you eat?

2. Do you ever make yourself sick because you feel uncomfortably full?

3. Do you believe yourself to be fat, even when others say you are too thin?

4. Do food and/or thoughts about food dominate your life?

5. Do thoughts about changing your body or your weight dominate your life?

6. Have others become worried about your weight?

In this informal survey, 2 or more "yes" answers strongly indicate the presence of disordered eating.

Adapted from the Scoff Questionnaire by Morgan, Reid & Lacy-BMJ, 1999.

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