Nutrition Services

Our registered dietitians tailor nutritional evaluation, counseling, education, and meal planning to help you develop mindful, nourishing eating patterns. As key parts of your treatment team, dietitians help you interrupt symptom use and regain trust in your body’s ability to regulate eating.

Nutritional Evaluation: At your first meeting, your dietitian does a thorough assessment of your eating patterns and history, food and weight-related concerns, weight history, and particular dietary needs. You will then work together to establish an approach to eating that fits your recovery needs and a plan for implementing this approach.

Nutrition Counseling: On-going counseling with a dietitian helps you eat regular, nourishing meals, and snacks as you progress on your recovery journey. Together with your dietitian, you develop strategies to overcome barriers along the way and to build coping skills that address difficulties in your relationship with food.

Nutrition Education: Our dietitians provide you valuable nutrition education in one on one sessions, group sessions, intensive program meals and groups, and family education. We provide you with accurate nutrition information and help you practice mindful eating skills.

Dietitians co-facilitate each one of our intensive programs and work closely with therapists and medical staff.

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