Family Services

We’ve worked closely with families, friends and other loved ones concerned about someone with an eating disorder for many years. Our experienced family therapists and dietitians know how to help families and friends cope with the painful and often-baffling consequences of eating disorders.

We also know how much families and friends can help speed the journey to recovery—so we want your involvement.

Our Couple’s Therapy helps couples deal with the impact of eating disorders in positive ways that support recovery. Married, unmarried, same-sex, heterosexual—we’re here to help and support you.

With Family-Based Therapy (FBT), we help parents and families respond to and heal from the impact of eating disorders. We know how to work with people in a wide range of situations, like co-parents, stepparents, parents of adult children, and siblings.

You can also take advantage of our many groups for Family and Friends

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