Adolescent Services

No two teenagers are alike. Neither are their eating disorders. Our therapists, dietitians, and medical team are experts when it comes to helping adolescents – and their families – gain control over eating disorders by building a strong sense of self and other skills young people need on the road to a whole and healthy adulthood.

We provide a personalized, multidisciplinary team treatment approach to healing in a safe, supportive environment. We work to meet each client’s unique nutritional, psychological and medical care needs. Each client has a unique treatment plan to promote recovery.

Our adolescent outpatient services team provides care based on these core values:

  1. Clients & families always first
  2. Inter-disciplinary, team-oriented approach
  3. Flexible, creative and diverse treatment options that implements the least intensive intervention possible while meeting individualized needs
  4. Tenacious empathy, respect, patience and passion for all people in our community

We also know—from long experience with compulsive overeating, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and related problems—that active involvement of the family is crucial to recovery. We designed our adolescent services so that:

  • Parents and stepparents will actively participate
  • Your child can remain in school
  • You and other family members can still manage your other responsibilities while participating in treatment

In addition, we provide parents with co-parenting and couples counseling—and provide support for siblings, too.

For children and adolescents who struggle with anorexia nervosa, The Maudsley Approach has been shown to be the most effective treatment in literature. Parents take an active role in planning, providing, and supervising their child's meals and snacks. Our staff provide guidance and support for families undergoing Maudsley Family Therapy. 

We have three levels of intensive care for young people to interrupt eating disorder symptoms and move your child on the road to recovery.

  • Anna Westin House-Adolescent is Minnesota’s only residential program dedicated exclusively to treating adolescents with eating disorders. Our professional 24/7/365 care includes physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, dietitians, family therapists, art and music therapists, licensed school teachers, recreational therapists, nurses, eating disorders technicians, and more. This state-of-the-art facility is nestled in the peaceful St. Anthony Park neighborhood of Saint Paul.
  • Our Adolescent Intensive Day program (AIDP) provides seven hours of treatment Monday through Friday. This includes daily therapeutic meals and snacks, multiple therapy modalities, and tutoring and study time.
  • Our Adolescent-Family Intensive program (AFI) meets three-to-four days per week, with supported meals and process, integrative, and skills-based therapy. Family members participate in groups and meals one evening a week.

We also work with community professionals—including school personnel, physicians, therapists, and dietitians—to ensure appropriate aftercare.

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