24/7 Residential Care at Our Anna Westin Houses

Our Anna Westin Houses are places of hope and healing. Here, adolescents and adults with eating disorders focus on recovery in a safe, supportive, and homelike environment with around-the-clock supervision and care.

Opened in 2002, the original Anna Westin House became Minnesota’s first facility for residential eating disorders treatment. It was created in memory of Anna Westin, a Chaska woman who died in 2000 after battling an eating disorder.

Both our 16-bed adult residence and our 10-bed adolescent and young adult residence (opened in 2011) are integrated with the peaceful St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul. These two historic buildings contribute to healing with modern and beautiful interior and exterior spaces.

The Anna Westin House approach is highly personalized because recovery happens in different ways for different people. We seamlessly integrate 24-hour care that incorporates psychological, nutritional, medical, psychiatric, and complementary therapies in a holistic, comprehensive approach.  

Our passionate, experienced staff uses empathy and skill to help clients and their families recognize and change destructive eating disorder behaviors and replace them with positive, lasting coping mechanisms that support a whole, joyful life.

To schedule an eating disorder assessment or get further information, please call us at (651) 645-5323/(888) 364-5977 ext. 1111 or complete a Start the Process Form.

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