Eating Disorder Assessment Tool For Family and Friends

How Can I Tell is there’s a Problem? This 7 question Self Scoring Tool for family or friends may help you:

  1. Does it seem to you that your loved one has lost control over how she or he eats?
  2. Does your loved one ever make him/herself sick because they feel uncomfortably full?
  3. Does your loved one believe she/he is fat, even when others say she/he is too thin?
  4. Do food and/or thoughts about food dominate your loved one’s life?
  5. Do thoughts about changing his/her body or weight dominate your loved one’s life?
  6. Are shared meals difficult because of your loved one’s eating behavior or comments about food, eating, or body image?
  7. Are you or others worried about your loved one’s weight?

In this informal survey, 2 or more "yes" answers strongly indicate the presence of disordered eating. (Adapted from the Scoff Questionnaire by Morgan, Reid & Lacy-BMJ, 1999.)