For Families

We believe that the involvement of family and friends is crucial for recovery. Our experience demonstrates that:

  • Families do not cause eating disorders
  • Eating disorders harm physical, psychological, social and emotional development
  • No single treatment model holds all the answers for all people; that’s why we personalize our treatment
  • Recovery is possible

How Can I Tell if there’s a Problem? Click here to take a quick 7 question Self Scoring Eating Disorder Tool for family or friends that may help determine if your loved one needs help.

To schedule an eating disorder assessment, or to get more information, we encourage you to Contact Us  and we can start this simple process together.

Tips for Supporting Your Loved One

For Men in Families and Friendships

If you'd like some extra support, we offer a free Understanding Eating Disorders, Treatment, and Recovery service to anyone "new" to eating disorders, as well as, Friends and Family Support Groups that are open to anyone who acts as a support person for a loved one. Our Friends and Family services offer support to those with someone in their life who struggles with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, or binge-eating disorder. Getting the support you need is crucial to helping you and your loved one throughout this journey. For more information about these services, please check out our Family & Friends Support page.