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Blog Archives: December 2011

New Recovery App Released for iPhone and Android

December 23, 2011.
  • Jenna Tregarthen is an Australian that is just like one of millions worldwide that has a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. So, as a part of her PhD research, Jenna developed an app that helps individuals in both eating disorder treatment and recovery track their progress on their smart phones.

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A Letter to Santa

December 15, 2011.
  • From Gürze Books, December 2011 e-Newsletter

    Dear Santa,

    I can't help noticing that you're one of the few larger people who doesn't let your weight get in the way. You seem to have a very positive attitude and you're always in a jolly mood. Just the sight of you makes people happy.

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Tips for the Holidays

December 09, 2011.
  • The holidays often involve family rituals and traditions where food has a central role, and can be a difficult time of year for those who struggle with their relationship to food and their bodies. The holidays also may be one of the few times that a family comes together each year, and planning ahead can help people with eating disorders and their loved ones manage these challenges and enjoy conversation and good times with friends and family during holiday celebrations.

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