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December 15, 2011

A Letter to Santa

From Gürze Books, December 2011 e-Newsletter

Dear Santa,

I can't help noticing that you're one of the few larger people who doesn't let your weight get in the way. You seem to have a very positive attitude and you're always in a jolly mood. Just the sight of you makes people happy.

You toil all year at a job you love. You didn't say: "After I lose 50 pounds, I'll become Santa Claus and set up a toy shop!" You certainly haven't let your size stop you from hitching up that sleigh each year and traveling around the world!

You and your voluptuous Mrs. Claus have one of the better marriages going. You work as a team and appreciate one another for the qualities that contribute to an enduring marriage—trust, mutual respect, admiration, and sensuality. I hear that Mrs. Claus has a new lacy red teddy she plans to wear for you on Christmas night.

You are a wise and tolerant person. When you noticed that the other reindeer were making fun of Rudolph, you showed them all that what appeared to be a negative quality—a big, red nose—could be turned into something positive. People always focus on the negative aspects of being big. We never think there might be advantages. Sometimes it just depends on your perspective.

Mrs. Claus told me she has started cooking healthier meals, although she wouldn't think of asking you to give up your Christmas Eve cookies and milk. She also said she'd like both of you to get a little more exercise. She's having the elves make each of you a pair of walking shoes so you can take after-dinner walks around the North Pole.

You seem to have accepted yourself just as you are. Santa, I think we could all take a lesson from you.

P.S. Please don't forget my diamond earrings.

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